Federal reserve paper August 12, 2009

            Money narrates the four functions measure, standard, and store. Money is something that deal with business and accepted for trade and commerce in worldwide business practice. Money is used as a medium of exchange, unit of account, and a store of value. In addition, the term &q... ->

Developing Yourself in a Management Role (part 2) July 25, 2009

“The first place to start learning about management is to get some sense of what management is — in particular, understood get an impression of the areas of knowledge and skills recommended for effective management in organizations.”             Experts often emphasize the stro... ->

Developing Yourself in a Management Role (part 1) July 7, 2009

All over the world companies are now requiring coaching as well as learning support for their key employees.  The aim and objective is to provide a continuous and timely way so that one can build up sustainable competitive advantages for the new era.  We are now experiencing a new knowledge driven... ->

Shampoo Marketing (part 2) July 1, 2009

After selecting the target market company has to classify its shampoo product. Shampoo can be marketed with several kinds of packet such as low priced packet, medium priced packet and high priced packet. The company should design the high priced packet as more attractively as possible and also the q... ->

Shampoo Marketing (part 1) June 5, 2009

Few days ago a few people (actually only the rich people) used shampoo on a regular basis, but now it has became a convenience product used by all classes of people. Shampoo contains the very healthful elements for hair and some people can’t imagine a complete bath without shampoo. The demand of s... ->

Business Continuity Management (part 3) May 20, 2009

One of the first issues facing an organization setting out to develop a business continuity plan is that of who should be primarily responsible within the organization for the research, planning, analysis and drafting of preliminary plans. Although the planning process requires a dedicated project m... ->

Business Continuity Management (part 2) May 8, 2009

A range of forces, including a board level champion, managerial appraisal and a persuasive communications strategy, drove effective continuity. Better-practice organizations combined these and other measures to drive the business continuity process successfully; standard-practice firms had little us... ->

Business Continuity Management (part 1) May 2, 2009

Within the scope of this research, we will discuss the steps that an organization should take in order maintain business continuity. A crisis management view of business continuity acknowledges that the organization is part of an environment characterized by uncertainty and change, leading to new ch... ->

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