John Kenneth Galbraith (part 4) December 7, 2009

A footnote on Emerson:  He and Henry David Thoreau were best friends.  Legend has it that when Thoreau was arrested for civil disobedience, Emerson visited him in jail.  To Emerson, it was incomprehensible that his friend would allow himself to be in circumstances that would cause his arrest.  U... ->

John Kenneth Galbraith (part 3) December 5, 2009

Like Galbraith, Friedman ascribes a moral imperative as well as a practical necessity to his arguments.  The moral argument turns on Natural Law.  The practical necessity revolves around rationality, i.e., why would a rational being consent to join a society if they were disadvantaged by doing so?... ->

John Kenneth Galbraith (part 2) December 3, 2009

Galbraith makes many arguments but perhaps five are critical to his thinking:  one, it is wrong to assume that privatization will bring about a healthy society and a functioning democracy; two, people have to be empowered before they can exercise choice and can fight for themselves; three, counterv... ->

John Kenneth Galbraith (part 1) November 27, 2009

Galbraith is one of the 20th century’s pre-eminent economists.  As well, he is one the world’s great social commentators.  For Galbraith, society must be structured such that it  endures, i.e., sustains itself.  At the same time it must be possible for the society’s  members to re... ->

Introduction (part 2) November 25, 2009

            From the viewpoint of internal layout, the A380 also has typical configuration. As usual, cargo is located on the lower deck, while passengers are seated on the two upper decks. Before the A380 project was complete, designers and engineers had several interesting ideas about t... ->

Introduction (part 1) November 17, 2009

It is difficult to deny the fact that Airbus A380 has become a revolution in aircraft industry. One of the largest aircrafts ever known and one of the most prominent products of human invention, Airbus A380 represents a technological triumph of human mind and an urgent response to the most serious i... ->

Chiang Kai-shek as a Political Leader (part 8) November 15, 2009

THE SITUATION TODAY The Chinese forces, if guerrillas and bandits are included, probably number over 2,000,000 men. Of these about a third are at the points of Japanese penetration; a third have been split up into small units and sent back into the occupied area for guerrilla warfare; and a third a... ->

Chiang Kai-shek as a Political Leader (part 7) November 1, 2009

CHINESE MORALE The Chinese are a fatalistic race. Nature and their own ineptitude have combined to make them so. No people have such a desperate struggle for mere existence. Floods, famines, poverty and civil wars have for centuries challenged them to survive. But they have survived, and in the pro... ->

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